Island life

During the years I planted many different dahlias. They provide a cheerful view in dull fall days . They usually bloom till late October. I cannot say that I have a favorite dahlia I like them all.  But I always stop to admire the dinnerplate size of Cafe au Lait .They are a hit with everybody. The colour is changing between beige and pink and not two of them are exactly alike .  Dahlia Cafe au Lait . cafe au lait cafe au lait3a =============================================================================== Another interesting dahlia is “Dana”  Wonderful red and yellow large dahlia. This is the dahlia that got me started with my collection. dahlia dana ============================================================================== Dahlia Seattle Slugs really like this dahlia. dahlia seattle =================================================================================== Dahlia Myrtles Folly This is most interesting flower among my dahlia garden. It is vigorous grower with many blooms on one stem which has to be tied for support. Its twisted lacinated petals have many colours from purple to pink to yellow. As the flower ages it creates a colorful,  fuzzy ball. It is quite charming. dahlia myrtle's folly-1 ============================================================================= Dahlia Serano , Quite striking semi-cactus, novelty dahlia. Looks wonderful when it’s mixed with reds and whites. dahlia serano1 —————————————————————————————————————————

Dahlia Vancouver

Newer decorative dinnerplate dahlia with vibrant fuchsia coloured blooms (fading to white on tips) really stands out on the garden dahloa vancouver2 ============================================================================== Dahlia “Lady Darlene” I love this dinnerplate dahlia. Always so elegant and formal. lady darleen ============================================================================= Dahlia “Apricot star” Apricot pink at tips, lemon towards centre. Looking exotic and little unruly.   camano sitka ============================================================================= Dahlia ‘Pablo’ compact growth , cheerful 4″ blooms from mid summer until frost. Suitable to grow in pots. dahlia pablo ============================================================================== Dahlia “Akita”  Petal edges are cupped slightly as in dahlia Vancouver. Cinnamon red petals that blend into yellow towards the flower center and ivory at the tips. , dahlia akita1 ============================================================================= Dahlia Crazy Love Medium sized dahlia with thin  purple outline. I have now for a few years. dahlia crazy love ============================================================================= Dahlia Wide Eye Jill Pompon type on long stems .Visual beauty. Beautiful combination with Karma chocdahlia wej ============================================================================== I got this dahlia from my friend Joan . She does not have a name for it. I really like it. Right size for mixing larger and smaller flowers in the container. white dahlia ============================================================================== Dahlia “Karma Red Corona” Cactus, fire-red dahlia with a long “vaselife” The Karma series was developed for the cut flower market. karma red ============================================================================= Dahlia “Karma chocolate” Dark red (almost black)  flowers give it a  velvety, luxurious feel Karma choc Novelty dahlia Fidalgo Julie is a small sized dahlia I keep on our deck. Very unusual and interesting. Fidalgo julie ============================================================================= My dahlia garden is changing from year to year and always evolving. It is always lots of work to dig them out in the fall and replant in the following spring but the cheerful colours make me happy. What does not make me happy is a Chinese freighter parking in my view for months….no matter how colourful it is. ship     Such s life