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 After the miserable winter and slow start of spring flowers finally the bulbs started to show their faces. and  camellias, magnolias and few early rhododendrons started to open. Unfortunately it rained most of the time until late May and we were not able to fully enjoy their beauty.

Rain in May is not anomaly on this Island and some years are worse (better) than others. Blooms on most of mine fruit trees blackened this spring. I am not sure if it happened because of the cold winter or wetness or disease . None of them look very happy. I do not care about the fruit but hope that these trees recover.

Red rhododendron Taurus and the ornamental plum never disappoint in spring.

May (and October) is my favorite month around here. Everything looks so fresh in May and it is a rhododendron, magnolia and camellia’s time to shine.

I inherited several rhododendrons and planted many more. Some I love for the flowers and some for their leaves.

Love these flowers of rhododendron Konkardia below. It grows very tall for me, almost tree like.

Konkardia was hybridized by Hans Hachmann,. in Holstein, Germany, 1957 .Seed parent ‘Humboldt’ and pollen parent is ‘Direktor E Hjelm’ .

These are young leaves of Japanese Full moon maple Jordan. Acer shirasawanum (Below)

Introduced by Fratelli Ghiradelli and named after his son
Unfortunately, I planted it in full sun and it will burn top later in the summer. Every description on the web tells me that it is the only yellow Japanese maple which can be planted in the full sun. It even says that it thrives in the full sun. Mine is in the ground for 2 years now and I hope that when it will be more established it will respond to sun more favourably. So far it burns crisp on the top every year.

May is also good time for our ” star” trees to show off. blooming in early spring are few camellias, viburnum, magnolias alongside with many rhododendrons

Magnolia Susan fills the yard in wonderful fragrance each evening.

Flowers of Magnolia Elizabeth


Blooming doublefile viburnum or Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum ‘Mariesii’ .

Very dense bush or small tree in our case ….it is uprooted every snowstorm we get and has to be lifted up and tied up to the close by flowering cherry.

It is very gracious plant and a major attraction in early spring and also in fall when its leaves turn beautiful red.

 Japanese maple Shindeshojo (in the picture below) is primarily grown for its striking spring foliage color not fall.  It really shines in the spring. In summer it changes colour to pinkish green and it is sort of invisible. I have this maple for a few years and it have not grown an inch. They are known to be a slow growers and probably OK to grow in a container.   Mine survives miraculously in full sun.

In the picture below are: Yellow rhododendron Nancy Evans, ivy covered dead trees and red maple

‘Nancy Evans’ is a compact  shrub with bronze young foliage . Her growth habit isn’t the nicest, she doesn’t keep a good bushy habit naturally, it’s bit untidy and leggy if left to her own. 

Parentage  (Seed Parent x Pollen Parent):  Hotei x Lem’s Cameo


Early forget me not  mingle with young leaves of irises.

forget me not in irises

First bloom in tree peony Hoki

Alliums peaking at the view

RHODODENDRON Elsie Watson was hybridized by Frank Fujioka 1977

Seed Parent “Anna” ; Pollen parent Purple lace

I am replacing a rhododendron Mrs  GW Leak which was so beautiful when we moved in but died.

I hope that one day I will find that rhododendron again. This is a good substitute

Rhododendron Blue Boy

Parentage: ‘Blue Ensign’ (s) X ‘Purple Splendour’.

Bred by: Elsie. Watson

Wonderful colour of  Camassia cusickii

A Pacific Northwest native  blooms in the blank period between the Narcissus and Tulip spring show

Resident California quail is watching his mate taking an evening bath  in my veggie garden. Grrrrr…


Bunny is posing for me. LOL. What a ham. I am inside the house and shooting through a window.

Cute fellow with big appetite ….. can be quite destructive.

Most of the times our sunsets are not spectacular but this was an exception.