Winter snow storm on the Island

This is the first winter we are staying on the Island in a decade (or more) and WOW look at the snow on December 10th.

Where is the ocean and the Island on the other side of the channel?

I have to admit I found it so pretty.  It looks quiet and so serene.


Little hummingbird was caught by surprise too and  I am sure that that this shivering little bird (pictured below) does not agree with me.

Somehow a tiny hummingbird does not fit in this Christmas snowy scene any more than a Macaw.

This is “Anna’s” hummingbird. The other hummingbirds we have around in Summer such as Rufous, Calliope, and Black-chinned have enough sense to leave for Mexico and the Gulf Coast by late summer. I read it is only past few decades that they stay around. In the past the most northern sighting were in San Francisco area.  People feed them (we have many feeders around for them) and there is plenty of “winter gardens” blooming( Mahonia, Sarcococca , Witch hazel, Winter Daphne ,Viburnum bodnatense, Heathers, Hellebores, Primroses ….just to name few). Some of these these provide their food supply during the winter.


 My OH who tries to keep the driveway clear is not impressed either..


Deer is looking for food too. The laurel hedge is munched on every winter but interestingly only in that spot. It is not touched anywhere else



This amount of snow is rare anomaly here. Last big snow like this was on  November 21st  2010 just a day we were leaving for Mexico. The roads were mess all the way down to California.

This snow stayed on till middle of February . It was very cold for few months and I have not been around the garden much.

This is a little rhododendron Nova Zembla I planted in the summer and it obviously does not like the cold either.


These next few pictures are from February 7th. Looks like winter on the prairie. Lots of snow. It seems unbelievable.


Just a white vacuum behind the trees.


We have an 42 annual flower count in Victoria starting March 5th every year and this is a write up from the organizers on their webpage:

” Count is an annual light-hearted promotion sponsored and organized by The Butchart Gardens and Tourism Victoria. …… It brings national and international attention to the fact that Victoria (City of Gardens) has the mildest climate in Canada. While the rest of Canada and much of the US is still in the cold clutches of winter weather, Victoria often enjoys spring temperatures of 10-15° Celsius (up to 60° Fahrenheit).”

oops… well they say “often”.

The winter snow storm was vicious. Tons of trees  and  branches broke off under the load of heavy snow

The mossed up maple is our neighbours . I do not like these trees go but it will provide me with more light.


Our damaged hot tub cover and deck rails


 Obstacles thrown in our way


There is lots of clean up awaiting after the snow melts.

In mid February came the rain snow is disappearing and early spring flowers started to poke up.

Welcomed sight


Spring is coming.






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