October colours 2016

October is very colourful month at our place on the Island. Although, most of my planting was aimed for spring splash, fall colour is very vivid due to many big leaf maples which mingle with big conifers such as Western Red Cedars, Douglas firs and Western Hemlocks.



Lovely fall colours in front of the yard with Viburnum mariesii turning red (on the left) and Japanese maple in bottom right corner of the picture.. The dark red tree in the background is a flowering plum with big leaf maple behind it . The lollipop shaped tree by the fountain is a pink Camellia .


Peaceful and misty fall morning.


For me the fall starts in late September when colchicums ( fall crocuses) star to bloom.


Potentilla pink paradise is a new plant this year…hoping to add more colour in late summer.

potentilla pink paradise

I did not record names of these heathers but they are the fall blooming variety and lovingly fuzzy.


In late October all dahlias are starting to look pathetic and it is time to pull them out of ground. That is one chore I am not looking forward to.

My new dahlia this year AC Dark Horse. Sometimes I have to wonder about the plant names. It would be interesting to know why it was named “Dark horse”


I am always impressed by the fluffy plumes of a pampas grasses.


Over past few years I’ve collected several Japanese maples but this Acer dissectum  Crimson Queen was inherited. It is getting quite big and starting to block our pathway. I would hate to have it destroyed by a bad hair cut. It is still OK for a year or two as is . It turns fiery orange later on. 

The maple in the pot in the background is Acer Osakazuki. It was a first maple I purchased and it lives in the pot ever since. It has best red fall colour of them all.


Gentle colours of Acer “Butterfly”. Excellent tree to brighten  darker spots.


Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’ (Mexican orange) was  planted last year and it is brilliant chartreuse colour all year round. I am very happy about the purchase.


Yellow colours of Acer Villa Toranto will turn much more orange in November. It holds its leaves much longer than my other maples. The red colour above belongs to Nadina domestica.


Not too far from Acer Villa Toranto  is this red leafed Japanese Maple–( Acer palmatumAtropurpureum )  It is Red all year round but the redness intensify in the fall


Detail .


Delicately cut foliage of acer Inaba Shidare has very bright red fall colour I keep this maple in tub as I still need to find the perfect location for it. Its leaves burned in full sun last summer.

Japanese maples are a must-have for any foliage-loving gardener.


Fall colour of Cotinus (Smoke tree) which has stunning dark red-purple foliage in spring and summer . They are mostly grown for their large, plume-like panicles (after the flowers are gone)


Bold colour of Nerines Bowdenii in October. They belong to the Amaryllidaceae family.  The flowers appear on naked stems before the leaves develop therefore the common name Naked Ladies. They usually bloom till November for me.


Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Rotfuchs’ (Katsura Red fox). This is the most interesting tree for leaf coloration. The leaves emerge dark red in spring and hold their colour until middle of summer when  they’ll change to interesting dark bluish green. In October they start to turn orange/yellow .

This picture was taken October 23 rd.


October is also month to preserve some of the fruit  from our trees. I planted  crab apple tree for wildlife to enjoy in winter but it has so much fruit that I decided to steel some.


And the result…..good for another year. These pretty hand painted glasses came from a friend.



Late October is also a month when local  “fisheries” are open for salmon fishing and the commercial boats move to our bay in droves and stay for weeks (sad to say) This picture is taken from our deck.


Because we have not stayed on the Island in winter in past many years it will be an adventure to find out what it actually feels like. Good bye October.




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