Trimming of a large trees

Few trees around here had to be trimmed as they were hazard or too close to our deck and very messy.
Big tall Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) was first. Two very professional loggers came to do the job. One was a young British fellow who moved here 5 years ago and from his experience this tree is about 100 years old and 130-140 feet tall. Just a baby by the local standards…he said


There are 2 kinds of Douglas Firs (technically not a fir). Costal and Rocky mountain, they differentiate by their habitats, growth rates, and physical characteristics.
I read somewhere that coast Douglas-firs frequently exceed over 500 years in age and occasionally over 1,000! They commonly grow up to 250 feet . The Rocky Mountain Douglas-Fir grows up to 160 feet and is much more cold tolerant than the costal one. The British Fellow was telling us that he was recently involved in falling one of the 250 feet tall Douglas fir and being 250 feet up in a tree was “awesome”. He really must love his job 🙂 We have few bigger trees than the one shown in this picture on the property.

Here comes the first branch:

first branch

And more branches to followtrimming fir

can you spot the logger in the tree?


They make it look so easy and effortless


The Arbutus was a little bit of challenge with their crooked trunks and branches


They had to cut this in pieces not to damage our deck. Arbutus wood is very dense and heavy. The branch is tied on one end and the second end is carried off the deck while the rope is slowly released.logger3

My OH helped with hauling the branches and was rewarded for it by backache later.houling branches

These industrial chippers are amazing . Guys can throw in a whole medium size tree and it will suck it in like nothing. No need to force it in. It only took few minutes to chip the pile.


One of the branches had what they called tear drop. A branch split and re-grew together again in a different location. Plants have clever ways to heal themselves.
I should have kept it for inspiration.

tear drop

The rusty looking tree is Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana “Pembury Blue”. It is not blue because it is dead. They were actually 2 trees side by side which have been toppled at one point. The guys from the tree service are removing the top part and leaving the bottom for me to grow climbers.

dead trees

Much easier task then the previous 2, I suspect.easy task

These people are very acrobatic and fearless:


Almost done. He is cutting the top and then down to the level of the 3 ends on the right side. We will put some bird houses at the top. I’d like to attract swallows again. We had some( long time ago) and then they’ve disappeared. They are great for mosquitos control. It also opened the sky to the northwest so maybe I will see some nice sunset colours.

almost gone

On the right are tree trunk stumps where few birdhouses will go. The tree which is being cut has two more stumps and will be cut to the same level as the first tree.


Job is done and there is even little bit of firewood for our neighbour.


Clean up begins……now


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