Mexico- winter months 2015-2016

 We spend our winters in Mexico. It is a country of wide diversity and interesting culture. Despite the bad press it has these days we love everything what Mexico has to offer. This region has wonderful spring like weather all year round. The house we are staying in this winter is own by lovely Mexican couple from Guadalajara and as I understand it,  it is their weekend summer house. It sits right on the shores of the Lake ,  has marvellous views of it and the mountains behind. Views quite  similar to our spot on the Island. The house has completely different character and feel than the ones we stayed in previous years. This is very spacious house in very Mexican style with exposed bricks and wrought iron.

This “wright-up”  is for us to remember this place in years to come.


But first the lake. It is a wonderful lake to look at and great for wildlife and bird watching  but I would not go swim in it . It’s known to be very polluted . Nevertheless, we can see Mexican kids and fishermen wading in it.

It is also good place for kayaking


Lake can be very calm and peaceful


or quite angry…. as seen from our terrace


Serene and romantic


 provider of food for fishermen and their  families


…..and many hundreds  of American white pelicans..pelicans

We love to watch how they interact with the fishermen who happily share their small catch with them


Dramatic cloudscapes and beautiful sunsets are  very common and are a major attraction for me.


The House itself is spacious and comfortable, embellished with many antiques and interesting Mexican artifacts

Main entrance with ambiance lighting above the door and  a little shrine of Lady Guadalupe 

main entrance

Dining room with interesting furniture in Spanish colonial style and setting for 12 people with dramatic centerpiece.


And dramatic chandelier


Spanish Influence-  carved credenza  

spansh influence

These 4 fellows have to hold corners of a large table. Every corner represent different warrior. There are several credenzas around the house in the same motive

spanish influence

Beautiful mirror with cooper frame.

copper mirror

A mirror on the bedroom wing wall with carved wood frame

carved mirror

Charming kitchen…Mexican style. Kitchens in Mexican houses are very small (  by North American standards) This has all sorts of dishes to entertain a large amount of people


kitchen gas stove


The gas oven worked fine


Some interesting artifacts

wooden horse

St Francis in an enclave in the hallway.

st francis

An old trunk

old trunk

Fireplace in the living room.

It would be nice to use it on cold evenings but we could not because I am allergic to smoke ( in addition to many other things).


Spanish warrior on top of the fireplace

spanish influence1

Bedroom wing with wide hallway and an interesting entrance.

bedroom wing

The house has multiple bedrooms and can accommodate a large family… or two


Bathrooms are uncharacteristically modern. All of them in almost same style.


Dining on the terrace. There are other tables on the terrace and seating for about 20 people. Mexicans have large families and adore celebrations. Of course there are only 2 of us.

outside table

The other side of terrace has 2 smaller round tables with leather tops and multiple chairs called equipales. This kind of furniture is very popular and originating here in state of Jalisco (together with tequila and mariachis music)


Looking inside from terrace at dusk

outside to in

Outside surroundings:

 This is a front drive and a carport.

 front drive

The front wall is covered with Pyrostegia venusta

Pyrostegia venusta

This lovely Brugmansia was blooming repeatedly with about a months in between the blooms


Back of the house . There is a spacious grass in upper area close to the house and Federal land close to the lake which all lakefront house owners must have permission to be able to use it.


Up close view with African tulip tree blooming and mountains behind.

mountains behind us



Few interesting trees in our back are Allspice, Lychee and Delonix regia.

Allspice tree blooming

blooming allspice tree

Delonix Regiadelonixregia

Beautiful form of a Lychee tree


And because I like to garden here are some other notable plants in the yard





new zeland grass









Bird of paradise (Stelitzia reginae), 

birds of paradise1

And our pets:

Mr. Rooster comes to visit every day



So does  Mr.Taco,  the lizard


This winter feel little cooler. Definitely not a swim suit weather…… maybe because we are right at the lake.

Hummingbird feeders loved by orioles.


That ‘s it for this winter.


Queens palms at sunset above

  1. What a wonderful place to stay! The house is really massive & interestingly decorated, and the nature around the house is just magnificent. How lucky you were to be able to occupy the whole space for yourselves! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos and your experience in Mexico. Please enjoy spring/summer/autumn in lovely Canada. Lots of love, Tomoe

    • Thank you for your nice comment Tomoe. We are extremely lucky to be able to live in wonderful places. One day (I hope) I’d love to spend some time in your beautiful “birth” country. It is my dream. Have a great summer. Hugs.

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