Summer in 2015 in Island Garden

 Summer 2015 on the Island was warm and dry. I think drier than other years. We had no rain what so ever. When we returned from Mexico at the beginning of April I was surprised how advanced the vegetation was. I missed the blooms of early flowering trees and shrubs. My Magnolia stellata was done blooming and so was the ornamental plum and all forsythia was in full leaf.

We came home to full blown camellia and flowering cherry tree


flowering cherry

Pireis loaded with blooms and new growth. 


The Japanese Maples SangoKaku (coral bark)  and  ‘Shin Deshojo’ were already in full leaf.

jm coral bark

jm red

All the fruit trees were in full bloom as well.

Cherry tree Bing

cherry tree branch

I decided that we have to come home (from Mexico) earlier in 2016.


I planted several new trees and other plants during the summer.

Always wanted a fringe tree ( Chionanthus virginicus), because it would fit our environment. So finally I got one . Mine is a female. Female’s flowers are not as showy as male’s but  develop clusters of olive-like fruits which ripen to a dark, bluish black in late summer and are a food source for birds and wildlife

I’ve noticed that deer nibbled on it but did not strip it.

fringe tree

fringe tree1

And since my last Redbud ” Forest pansy”( Cercis Canadensis)  died in a year I bought another one and hope for better luck with it.


foresr pansy

I also introduced  couple of new Japanese Maples. Yellow leaf Acer shirasawanum “(Golden Full Moon Jordan) from Italian Fratelli Ghiradelli and named after his son.

I planted it in full sun as it suppose to be heat resistant but it’s top leaves were sun burned in the I will have to monitor it next summer. I would not like to lose it.


This is my new Osakazuki Aurea in the spring. I have not seen it  in the gardens anywhere. It is not as showy as my other Osakazuki which everybody loves for their fall colour. And …this has much bigger leaves.


Albizia julibrissin (silk tree) was om my list of wanted trees for a long time and I have finally got it for a 2015 mother’s day. Planted in a very visible front garden for that Exotic look. It comes to leaf quite late. This picture is from end of June.


Another gunerra planted against the rock wall. I have now 3 in a row. This was probably last one.


Picea pungens baby blue is in the ground second year and so far is doing well.

baby blue1

Front yard in end of May 2015


Wood spirit with blooming Nadina domestica

wood spirit

Deer come to see what I am panting for them.


This owl is our resident and come to see what we are doing up close  from time to time


Happy gardening


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