winter in Mexico 2014-2015


We had a strange weather winter 2014-2015 in Mexico . More rain than I ever remember. Winter months are suppose to be a dry season.  It was cooler too.  No swimming in the pool. Even with all the rain the garden did not look as colourful as the previous year in this same place . The aloe did not bloom and the owner removed all the Lantana around the gazebo in lower garden. I have to admit it was starting to get very  leggy and the gardener really did not care . He came, watered and cut the grass  and I had a feeling that he did not know anything about plants. I stayed away from it. Last thing I wanted was a Mexican gardener to be upset with me.

This was the second year we rented this  same house. It was sitting on the hill and had a beautiful views.

pool view

View over the pool to the west

cvn view west

Especially beautiful and diverse at sunsets:


View from the lower garden

cvn view from lower garden

We lived mainly on the terrace which had a living room set up , summer kitchen and dining area.


outdoor kitchen1

The Front entry shows the steep slope of the street. The house got a fresh coat of paint this year so it looks much nicer.

The house was located in a gated community and because it was on the hill everybody had very high retaining walls.

I am  talking very very tall walls. This is our neighbor across the street. Needless to say , we have never seen them.

cvn neighbourhoodwalls

Walls were made out of rocks and always had some bougainvillea wrapped over such as this in my picture or Virginia creeper climbing up. The neighbourhood was very nicely kept.

cvn neighbourhood

House inside had an interesting mixture of styles . American, Mexican, European and variety of  Indonesian  carvings, figurines and laces . Eclectic and interesting collection.

Dining room with gas fireplace.

dining room

Dining from the kitchen

durango 10 -kitchen- dining

Fine China dishes


House was very spacious 4 bedrooms and den and 5 bathrooms, 2 story building.

.Entrance area

inside the house

I liked some art around the house. lovely picture

cvn art

Partial view of the main bathroom which included a bathtub. Very unusual for this area. Usually houses have showers only.

cvn bath

Master Bedroom


Elaborate bed  surround in the master bedroom. Way over the top for my taste.

cvn master bed

Fireplace in the Master bedroom did not serve its purpose. It had a display of Mexican paper calla lilies.

master fireplace

In the living room there was a wonderful  large two tier cupola. It is very popular house feature in this part of the world. Second only to wonderful Boveda ceilings which are done in bricks.

cvn living room

Detail of the copula


Stairs to the second level. There were 2 bedrooms up there each with its own bathroom and terrace..

chulavista stairs

Big pantry also included washer and dryer and door to the garage.

cvn utility room

Lower garden gazebo . This spot was very peaceful and quiet. Good for reading or writing or just reflecting on our day’s activity.

cvn lower patio

I really enjoyed the many plants the owner had around the house. He was an orchid collector and had many of them scattered in several mango trees.

Many palms


and roses which were consumed by leaf cutter ants many times over . I bought some powder which saved some of them.

cvn roses1

I planted my own herbs in the pots such as parsley basil and cilantro


Blooming cilantro

cvn cilantro1

I posted plant pictures from this garden in the previous year .

I should also mention the variety of birds that came to visit us on regular bases was incredible. from Orioles , Vermilion flycatchers  gold finches and numerous hummingbirds. Every evening a flock of swallows came to drink from our swimming pool. They were very skillful flyers skimming over the pool and entertained us for a long time..

Early morning I was awaken to a call of Great Kiskadees. They are very noisy birds with an attitude. I would compare them to our Stellar jays on the Island.



We enjoyed our stay here for two winters but next time we will be renting a different place because the owner decided to rent this house year round.

humming bird1




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