How to kill a redbud.


2014 summer was the best summer in 10 years here on the Island . Very warm but unfortunately no rain what so ever. My water hoses worked overtime. I had some casualties  such as this beautiful Forest Pansy redbud. I bought it 2 years ago and it was growing in the pot. I love that tree and decided to give it a place of honour in most sunny and protected spot on the property. It did not liked the hot sun and leaves shriveled to crisp and fell of the tree.

Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’


Planted in the full sun.


And 2 months later it died. It was disappointing and unexpected. I dug  it out and replanted in  shadier spot and will wait till spring. I hope…..although,  do not get my hope to high . Most likely, I will buy another one and will be more careful where I plant it.

redbud dead

Amazing redbud leaves in last fall, at same time for comparison.

redbud leafs on october

Redbud forest Pansy leaf in fall 2013- close up

redbud close up

I also had few Japanese maple casualties this summer ….couple of red leaf maples died completely and few just hang on their life right now. I do not know exactly what’s the reason.


Nevertheless, I have few that look fabulous at this time of the year and are with me for  few years now:

My favorite is Osakazuki which is still in the pot. It has an attractive leaves and shape all year round.


JM Waterfall in half barrel is glowing in dark corner and seems to enjoy the location..


Japanese Maple Crimson Queen.

We inherited this beautiful weeping maple which starts in the spring with burgundy colour then turns greenish in the summer and in October is this fiery orange you cannot miss. Very healthy specimen.

crimsom queen

And for a wildlife ? A frequent visitor on our deck – California quail. This one is little cute female.

california quail


such is life



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