Interesting plants in the garden of Mexican residence


We  spend our winters in Mexico. In the winter of 2013-2014 we stayed in a house on the hill with beautiful view. There were so many interesting plants around  which I was not familiar with because we live in Pacific NW. I learned a lot. The climate is subtropical.

Mexico 2014 house

The owner of this house had some interesting plants that I have never seen before. He also was an orchid collector, mainly  wild orchids hanging in his mango trees. They might have looked insignificant in comparison to some hybrid of Cattleyas or Phalaenopsis that we can buy from garden centers up in US or Canada but nevertheless interesting. I do not know my orchids well enough to be able to identify them.

For example this little beauty with very hard oval leaves and bright orange (almost red) flowers which were not  bigger than an  inch .


Another view of this plant’s flowers.


This beautiful little orchid was hanging on a mango tree in lower garden.


Another orchid I did not know but was able to find an info on the internet is Epidendrum radicans  Attractive flowers, bright orange with paler yellow center. The plant seems very vigorous.  It is in many pots on this property and I have noticed it in other people’s gardens as well. The flowers are long lasting and the plants do not seem to be very fussy.


One of the more familiar orchid to me is Cymbidium. This is my plant in our living room on the Island: and  they  are  gorgeous. It is a huge plant so to find a proper spot for its display could be a challenge.


The one in our In our Mexican residence was smaller variety with slightly paler colours but otherwise almost identical and also beautiful. Here in the  bud with Oputina cactus in the background.:


and in full bloom



Another most interesting plant is clump-forming succulent Stapelia gigantean. The flowers on this plant are very interesting and huge in comparison to the body of the plant. We had it grown in the pot  with geranium. In the next picture the buds starting to balloon.

Stapelia clump-forming succulent

Then it opens into this incredible star like flower. It suppose to have a foul smell to attract flies and get pollinated that way. I honestly could not smell it from the distance but  all flies sure did.

stapelia (3)


This interesting  vine  is  Thunbergia Mysorensis “Acanthus Family” Apparently one of the most popular vines in the world. It has spectacular long chains of  red and yellow flowers hanging down from an arbour in the lower garden.

Here are several images of this magnificent plant.




Thunbergia Mysorensis 1

close up

Thunbergia Mysorensis detail

Thunbergia Mysorensis detail1



There are several more common  vines around the yard ..such as very vigorous Thunbergia  Grandiflora.  Beautiful sky blue flowers but messy plant which I would not grow in my yard


More behaved plant with  fragrant flower is  Allamanda  cathartica (golden trumpet)   It is a vine and  requires a trellis or a fence for support… It can be pruned into a shrub form. like ours in the picture

flower garden1

Spectacular flower of the Agave attenuate was another highlight of this property it dominated the west side of the yard. Behind it are several mango trees which hosted most of the orchids.

Agave attenuate ( Fox-tail agave

Another  view of the flower mainly in bloom



I grew this plant as house plant up north and did not know that it actually flowers. This one is growing in the pot in the front yard and blooming for a long time..



Our front entrance is laced with butterfly palms Dypsis lutescens.  Seems like this is a popular plant for containers around here

front entrance

This neighbourhood is set into a hill and homes have very high walls. This covered with a Bougainvillea



Euphorbia milii (Crown of thorns) plant in the spurge family with very thorny stems, several of them about 3 feet tall.

crown of thorns

Gorgeous Red leaf( maple like) Hibiscus acetosella




Blooming aloe by the pencil tree


And lower garden full of lantanas


Jatropha podagrica very unusual plant with large leaves

Jatropha podagrica

White blooming Sedum nussbaumerianum 

blooming white1


Lots of lantanas around the property. Very cheerful sight.



This Brugmansia is actually in the neighbours yard but we could enjoy it as well. It was blooming for a long time.


Interesting sunset skies from the patio .

sunset from our patio in Mexico

Such is life














  1. Markus Helfenbein said:

    Hello from Germany,

    I am searching for Thunbergia Mysorensis seeds and found nice pictures of these plant in your airticle. Would it be possible that you are forwarding me the name and email of the owner of the garden so that I can contact the person.

    Thanks a lot

  2. H
    Hi Markus. Unfortunately the owner lives in Asia and the house is rented and managed by Mexican real estate company. We are going there again this winter and I will contact few Garden centers to see if I can locate seed of this vine. There is a big interest in this plant.
    Or perhaps ask the manager of this rental property to kindly save some seeds before the gardener whacks it down.

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