Island Garden in Spring 2013


The spring of 2013 in the island garden started on the cool side but  summer was beautiful here . Warm and humid but not overly hot . It  felt almost tropical.

My beautiful rhododendron Mrs. W.Leek is dying .

nrs leek

I noticed that the soil where she is planted was soaked all summer. There had to be a lots of rain in the winter as I have never seen the soil so soaken in that spot. My theory is that the roots could not get enough oxygen and the plant died. It saddens me because it was a major attraction in April on the drive in. The other 3 rhodos close by seem to be OK.  All of them are very “leggy” and next spring will get new hair cut in hope to re-vigorate them. I  will also have to look for some plant that likes wet soil and deer does not enjoy eating. A gunnera comes to mind which likes the  hydric soil. It is a prime spot on the property and I would like to have something interesting growing there. So far reasearch on the web did not revealed anything that would fit in the spot.

The following picture is partial view the front garden in very early April (2013). The red rhododendron is “Taurus” that I planted few years back. I planted two of them

april garden in 2013

The greenery in the flower bed are leaves of colchicums which bloom in September. The leaves will start to die in July and are quite unsightly But the blue carpet of the flowers in the fall compensate the for it.


Young leaves of tree peony Koukamon ( Paeonia suffruticosa “Koukamon”) are always such a delight to see early in the spring. Later in the spring they will have bold lightly scented burgundy flowers . Magnolia stellata in the background.

tree peony

In the late April the bud of  Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Koukamon‘ . Koukamon is also known as “Floral Gate”. It flowers from late April to early May. There are not many plants that can compete with the dramatic grace of a tree peony in full bloom.

tree peony2


 Spring colour of Japanese maple Shindeshojo amazes with a shocking early season show. I purchased this Japanese Maple for it’s  vivid colour in the early spring.

japanese maple

 Beautiful pink/white rhodo was planted on the property before we moved in. It usually has a wonderful display of flowers at end of April and first part of May. Unfortunately I was unable to find it’s name.white rhodo

May is the most exciting time in the Island Garden. All of the  trees are in bloom . This Purpleleaf Sand cherry on the deck was meant to be in the landscape but I discovered very early that it is a favoured food of our deer so now it is embellishing our outdoor spaces by the dining room.05-05-sand cherry1


 Magnolia Elizabeth


White rhododendron of unknown namewhite rhododendron

Rhododendron “Blue Peter” I bought it to compliment the yellow magnolia Elizabeth.

may23blue peter


close up of Rhododendron Blue Boy also planted near magnolia Elizabethblue boy closeup


Orange Azalea Gibraltar

A stunning plant with orange flowers with slightly frilled petals . This is a very popular deciduous azalea around this area. This one is about 10 years old and 5 ft tallazalea1

Magnolia Susan with many flowers. This is very scented tree, especially at warm spring evenings.IF

One of my favoured tree …..viburnum mariesii plicatum…here blooming in middle of Mayviburnum


Convallaria majalis

Everybody’a favorite lily of the valley was spreading beautifully this spring.. I love this little flower and bring it to the house as much as I can.

lily of the valley


Later in the spring the garden is dominated by peonies, and Japanese poppies



I bought this hosta as deer resistant plant but not so. It is beautiful up the point when discovered by a bambie.




Ahhhh, there she  is:


checking on what I planted today.


Sunset from the deck

island sunset

Such is life…


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