Many faces of colchicums in the Island garden

This page is a picture gallery of colchicum (fall crocus) in the  Island Garden.

These plants were planed by some previous owners and multiplied. There is a large number of them spread throughout the garden. We have all hues of purple, from dark ….. all the way to white. They are called fall crocus but they are actually of a lily family, not crocus.

In the spring they have  handsome, very large leaves which are attractive until July, after that they will become quite unsightly so it is a good idea to plant some annuals such as cosmos . I have lots od peonies and Japanese anemones in the same flower bed. Many times I  just wanted to cut these leaves off, but it is very important not to…. for another 5-6 weeks

As the flowers mature, they get a little lax. Some of them will lie down on the ground and if I want to grow colchicums I will have to get use to it. It is specifically bad with the first rain here on the Island.

These are heirloom plants hardy to zone 4. They like to be planted deep (6″ minimum.)

Its leaves, corm and seeds are poisonous so  deer  will not eat them.

They are very photogenic

Colchicum Water lily

In the spring the pot will go to another location and poppies will take its place

Image of fall crocus growing through the crocosmia

I did not like the yucca in that location and it is no longer there

Colchicum with hellebore

Colchicum with Japanese anemones (Honorine Jobert)

Colchicums in Aquilegia (Columbine) leaves

Standing all together keeping each other company. They are little crowded here. Each crom has several flower spikes.

Fall crocus in Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla)

There seems to be several  different kinds. Some I know some I do not know.

Colchicum autumnale Album


And for some of the “bird” life ……… two little buddies sharing a birdbath. Pine Siskin (Carduelis pinus) and stocky Crossbill finch youngster ( genus Loxia)

And a lady deer just finished eating my roses underneath the front room window. Pretty bold.

looking very inocent . She was born on this property so she thinks everything here is hers.

“I better run they are not happy with me”


Such is life…

My next blog will depict a young  Pine siskin playing in the fountain.


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