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I prefer our spring in the garden although, we had a decent summer in 2012 . Some festivals, some fairs, visits with friends and checking out the other people’s gardens is always a pleasant experience.

This is a dahlia border of my friend  at end of  August. It is spectacular. Always better in real  life than in the pictures

This lovely bouquet is from her garden

 I usually do not grow red dahlias but this year I got 3 dark red dahlias , Karma chocolate, Black cat and Arabian nights

Karma choc

Dahlia Black Cat

dahlia black cat

Dahlia Arabian Nights in a vase

dahlia Arabian nights

Dahlia See world glory

see world glory

This year was very bad for a deer damage. This is the first year (from past 9)  that they are interested in dahlias. In the past they always ignored them. I think about 50% dahlias were stripped.Some I have protected by motion sprinkler and they are fine. Too bad sprinkles do not work on slugs and earwigs. This what they did to a dahlia Seattle.

One of my favorite dahlia is Dinnerplate Cafe au lait. Beige with pinkish undertone. It has huge flowers and makes a statement. slugs left this one alone.

I also like Seattle (yellow and white) but so do slugs . I was lucky to see couple of blooms this year

One of the more interesting dahlia I have this year is called Myrtle’s Folly. Purple and yellow cactus. This dahlia, when matures, creates a complete ball. Almost too heavy for its stems

Another view


I would love to grow roses but because of the large deer population on this Island I cannot. I do have few roses, some in the flowerbed (protected) and some on the deck. I love to have fresh flowers around the house every day.

Rose Folklore (grandiflora) .A soft orange rose with yellow undertone with beautiful form

Rose Sunshine daydream (Grandiflora)

It was this year’ s ( 2012) All America Rose Selections (AARS) winning rose, Sometimes they select more than one but this year (2012) the Sunshine daydream was the only one.

I did not know I am buying the winner at the time.

Colors of these 2 roses go so well together


This yellow rose is in the landscape (triangular flower bed) . I do not know the name as it was here when we moved in. It is bright yellow with pink highlights. It’s flowers have beautiful form and unbelievable scent. I must have it fenced ….protection against the deer


Some  perennial  summer plants in the Island garden are japanese anemones (white and pink) some phlox (white and pink), day lilies (orange and yellow), tiger lilies, white rose of Sharon (hibiscus) crocosmias …of course all these are deer food. They were here when we moved in and I do not have a heart to rip them out.

White Phlox and pink japanese anemones Some anemones are invasive (A. tomentosa & A. canadensis for example) but Japanese anemones are well-behaved.

Japanese Anemone (Honorine Jobert)

This is more autumn than summer flowering plant.They are easy to grow , are vigorous, low maintenance but can be  invasive (slowly). They are lovely swaying in the breeze dancing like a ballerinas and they look so fresh when the rest of the garden looks little tired..

Deer will eat the flowers and buds but not leaves.

In the landscape


Phlox paniculata ‘David’

Very tall plant with pure white fragrant flowers blooms in August.

White hardy hibiscus (or Rose of Sharon)

The picture shows only the top part of the plant because the bottom was browsed by deer and does not look attractive.


Shasta  Daisies  Leucanthemum x superbum

Seems like I have lots of white flowers in the garden. All these were in the place when we moved in. Shasta daisies are doing well in dry sunny location. I like their simplicity and have them in several places now.  They have a distinct smell which I find unpleasant and very rarely will bring them in the house…..but love them in the landscape.—————————————————————————————————————————————-

Astilbes – low maintenance perennial with nice feathery flowers and attractive leaves. It is a believe that these plants are for shady condition but these are in full sun and doing well.

Pink astilbe –  deer will not touch these plants but will eat the hosta in front of it.

Orange daylilies This plant is smaller than my other day lilies.

Enchanting and elegant red lilies in the pot on the deck

Trumpet Regal lily or ‘Lilium regale’ – It’s beautiful,  hardy and easy to grow . It’s scent is very strong, and fills the air. I have one in the landscape and one in the pot on the deck . They bloom in early summer.


Nandina Domestica 

All parts of this plant are toxic  and could potentially be fatal if ingested, Deer or rabbit will not graze this plant.

Nandina is considered noxious weed and invasive in Florida (some other states as well) but not on this Island.

This picture shows buds of Nandina domestica

Peruvian lilies (Alstroemeria)_ – lily of the Incas – pretty but invasive


Sensual English lavender Lavandula angustifolia.

Very popular plant on the Island. We have lavender farms around as well as lavender festivals The name ‘lavender’ is a derivative of the Latin word ‘lavare’, meaning ‘to wash’, it has many other  uses such as production of the essential oils. and in culinary and other arts and medicine.


A garden would not be the same without all the birds

Pine siskins (Carduelis pinus) and Crossbills (Loxia curvirostra) in one of our feeders

And other wildlife in the shadows (bunny is watching me)

Such is life

Next page will be dedicated to colchicums (fall crocus)