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I love peonies. They are deer resistant, long-lived,  they are not fussy about the soil condition and when their blooming season is over, their ornamental foliage is interesting year round. We inherited several clumps from the previous owners. The picture below shows the single Japanese style peony
japanese style peony
White fragrant peony. This one has  huge flowers with a little red in the middle.
Columbines (Aquilegia) are popping everywhere and so are the single oriental poppies which came from nowhere and show up every year in good numbers. They are nice and so far I let them grow where ever.
Blue poppy. Flowers of this poppy are not larger than 2.5″  but they are several on the stem blooming at the same time and the color is incredibly vivid. Slugs like the young plant.
These poppies  do not bloom for very long and they are little messy when the blooms are gone.
Poppy’s bud looks interesting
Yellow Iceland poppies
Siberian iris ( Iris sibirica) , They look very gracious with their narrow leaves and long stems (They are almost as tall as I am.) I
         Bearded iris   
Pretty white Siberian iris. This one is not as tall as the blue kind and does not bloom so readily.
Foxglove (digitalis) . They seed themselves so I have to be careful with these. They come in many shades of pink and also few whites. The kind I have is biennial. I see them in garden centers sold as ornamentals. Funny, because I pull and dispose hundreds of them.
all the parts of this plant are toxic . Medically used in heart condition treatment.
They are visually beautiful. They have an old country garden whimsical look.
They last only few days in the vase but because they are plentiful they can be replaced often. I am not very popular for bringing the outside blooms inside as I bring spiders and other insects with them.
I bought several of the motion activated sprinklers(scarecrows) last year and they seem to work. Not as much deer damage in the Island Garden this spring although, the open field across the road is usually full of them.
Hope deer will stay away all year round but I know it is just a matter of time.
Late blooming rhododendron. I have no name for it. it is tall (tree  like) and spindly .Full bloom at the end of June.
I like the color of California lilac  “Victoria” (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus ‘Victoria’) so much that I purchased half a dozen bushes 3 years ago. I also like the fact that it is an evergreen.
Not all of them are doing well and some are doing very bad. Maybe they do not have enough sun on our property.I’ve also learned that they are short-lived.
This one is the better one, it has the sunniest and driest spot on this piece of land:
Such is life