Island Garden at the end of the May 2012

Rabbit population is way down this year.
Maybe this handsome guy (or gal) has something to do with that
This Barred owl lives in our old forest and we can see him/her occasionally on our walks.
I did not hear the mating calls yet this year. It usually wakes me up at night.
When I took this picture he was only few feet away from the deck.
Every time robins make a big racket we know that he is around.
What is blooming at the Island Garden in May 2012.
Rhododendrons, rhododendrons.
They are exceptionally beautiful this year. Not just our’s but everybody’s
This  climate is made for them. They love it here and we love them. They bloom for about a month. I do not know anybody who does not grow them around here. They are plenty of varieties to make any yard colorful at this time of the year. And because they are evergreen they can offer interesting background for plants which bloom later. I like to plant the early season blooming variety but there are some (not on our property) which will not bloom until late in the season.
“Horizon Monarch” is one of my favorite. Planted by myself (probably in 2009 or 10) so it is still small plant.
Nancy Evans” planted last year (2011) has nice color of yellow.
“Ostbos low yellow”. This rhododendron is suitable for containers.  I had this one in the ground and it did not do very well in that spot so I put it in the pot and it is looking very nice now.
 detail of “Ostbos low yellow”
Rhododendron “Blue Boy”
 detail of “Blue Boy”
Rhododendron “Blue Peter”
Rhododendron ” Sneezy”
Following picture is of lovely rhododendron Hopi. It’s flowers are opening with pink blush but opens to almost white. It was planted by previous owners.
Detail….. bees love it
Fragrant purple Magnolia (Susan?) fills evening with nice scent
Yellow magnolia Elizabeth planted couple of years ago but blooms for the first time now . It has huge leaves and it seems to me that eventually it is going to be a big tree
Next to it is rhododendron” Blue Boy” and on the other side is “Blue Peter”. I thought that blue rhodies and yellow magnolia will look nice together .
Orange Azalea
This plant was always completely chewed by deer so I am happy to see it blooming well this year.

azalea gibraltar

 Viburnum plicatum Mariesii.  In the fall when it’s leaves turn dark red it is equally beautiful
Detail of the flowers of Viburnum Plicatum
Driving around the south Island makes me realize how big is the tent caterpillar infestation this year. In some cases you cannot see the tree, they are completely covered with the caterpillar’s webs.
 We are cutting the tents on our trees but it does not really matter because it seems like that they live in the neighbour’s tree and come to munch on ours.
This cherry tree is being stripped and there is not a caterpillar tent on it.
Here are these darlings……tent caterpillars freshly cut from the apple tree
Such is life.

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